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Electrotehnica, founded in 1915, was the first enterprise with electrotechnical profile in Romania and today it continues to play a major role in the national economy. Defining Electrotehnica’s long-term success, CEO Costica Holban says: “We are a reliable partner with a large experience of research, development, design, engineering and manufacturing in power electronics and electrotechnical field. Electrotehnica provides key solutions to its customers. Our main business is design, manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of industrial electric equipments, for Romania and for abroad. We have doubled our turnover since 2007 and we aim to continue to grow rapidly.”
With over 100 employees, Electrotehnica is one of Romania’s top producers of transformers and coils (with over 90 years of experience in this field), AC and DC Power Supply Sources (with over 45 years of experience), AC and DC Drives (with over 40 years of experience), reactive power compensation equipments (with over 40 years of experience), static excitation systems for synchronous generators and motors (with over 40 years of experience), equipments for Power Stations, electrical equipments for various technological processes and electrical power systems for telecommunications.

Telecommunications, energy, railways

Electrotehnica is active in many industrial sectors, including telecommunications, energy and railways.
The company’s regular partners for the energy sector are Alstom, Romelectro, Siemens and Imsat, and Electrotechnica provides power-supply services for the Electrica, Transelectrica and E.ON Distributie power plants. Electrotehnica has also external partners, such as Systems Sunlight from Greece. “In the case of a blackout we provide high power UPS for electric stations. We also address different companies that are in need of key projects”, Costica Holban explains.
Other important partners are in telecommunications field, to whom Electrotehnica provides outdoor cabinets equipped with specific electrical power system for their internal and external telecommunication sites.
Around 15% of Electrotehnica’s business is currently with power stations, but Costica Holban thinks that this percentage could be increased significantly. He says: “Romania has 80 power stations, of which only 20 have been modernized and around 40 are completely untouched. Romania also has some wind and solar plants which will need improvement in the future, in order to get this energy to consumers. Romania needs investments in its energy infrastructure and any investment in this field is bound to be successful.”
Electrotehnica has positioned itself as the ideal partner for international investors in Romania. Costica Holban points out: “One of our strong points is the high standard of quality for our products. We are not the cheapest in the market, but our price-quality ratio is the best. Some of our equipments have been in service and functioning correctly for over 50 years. We also have highly skilled employees and around 10% of them are young. In fact, our company’s main asset is the human factor.” Electrotehnica, continuing to build on its decades of in-depth experience in Romania, welcomes more international partnerships.


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