World Leader In Equipment Rentals For Energy And Temperature Controls


Aggreko Romania provides innovative, rapid, personalised solutions for its customers in Romania and throughout Central Europe. The company is part of the Aggreko Group, the world leader in equipment rentals concerning energy and temperature controls. Aggreko was founded in the Netherlands in 1962 and is now present in over 100 countries, serving companies in many sectors as well as utilities, the military and government institutions.

“Aggreko Romania is well known for its customised solutions, fast reaction time, and ability to handle complex, demanding projects, like the Carrefour building which uses 5 MW of power. When a company has an energy crisis, Aggreko can step in quickly and get the job done,” explains Adrian Ionut Dinu, General Manager of Aggreko Romania. He adds that in Romania, Aggreko is a strategic NATO partner thanks to its work with the military.
Adrian Dinu anticipates strong growth of 30% or more for Aggreko Romania in 2016, with revenues coming from customers in Romania, Greece and Poland as well as from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Albania. He says, “We target specific customers and specific, complex projects. We are a big but agile company which can offer world-class turnkey solutions and solve companies’ energy needs quickly.”


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