Prof. univ. dr. Cezar Ionuţ SPÎNU, Rector

Founded in 1947, The University of Craiova (UCv) is the most important academic centre providing higher education and research in fast-growing Craiova and the whole South-West Romania. One of its main institutional objectives is the innovation and transfer of innovation which the University intends to provide to the local industry and the whole Euro-region. UCv aims to become a strategic point of the regional economy and promoter of the competitive, participative, inclusive economy principles.

Professor at the Department of Chemistry, Cezar Ionuț Spînu was elected rector of the University of Craiova in 2016. He is known as a promoter of excellence in education, research and in the quality of services offered by the academic environment. He holds a PhD in Chemistry and has authored over 100 academic works (books, coursebooks, papers in ISI indexed journals) being cited more than 100 times.

He highlights the opportunities that the city and the University of Craiova offer for investments and study: “Craiova is an excellent place to invest and live in, and the university is here to deliver highly qualified specialists and great opportunities to study. This university has always supported a strong connection between academia and the local economy. We continuously invest in the future. Our EU-funded research centre, INCESA (Research Hub for Applied Sciences), is truly state-of-the-art, and so are other facilities, including our three-star halls of residence. Our biggest advantage is our extremely professional, motivated and capable staff.  My message to future students is: the University of Craiova has been ranked amongst the top 10 universities in Romania in the past 20 years. Our education and training programmes will drive you to a successful career. For us, students are the image of the present and of the future. Together with us you will become what you dream to become professionally”.


The University of Craiova is proud of its brand new, state-of-the-art institute for advanced research in applied sciences – INCESA. It was built using €18 million in EU funds and it features cutting-edge equipment and technologies available for individual research centres in fields such as: mechanical engineering and materials science, electrical engineering, biotechnology and bioengineering, computer science, etc.

Rector Cezar Spînu invites academic and research institutions all over the world as well as companies operating in Romania to visit them and discuss sustainable cooperation opportunities. “Building outreaching partnerships is the most important factor in my vision for the university. I want us to become a truly entrepreneurial university, including social entrepreneurship, as we did with FREC Craiova, managed by EDUCOL” he says.  Current strategic partnerships include a long-term cooperation with Ford, which has a plant based in Craiova. UCv is also working with British companies such as Portsmouth Aviation and Spirit Circuits, which operate in Craiova’s industrial park. For both local and foreign investors, the University of Craiova is a reliable source of creative, well trained human resources and advanced research support in many fields, particularly in the automotive industry, agriculture, energy and environmental technologies.




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