On September 20, 1990, while Romania was entering transition from a centrally planned to a free market economy, a group of inspired academic staff from top state universities, headed by distinguished Law Professor Avram Filipaș (1940-2006), met to set up the Independent University Association, „Titu Maiorescu” – one of the first private tertiary education institutions in post-communist Romania.

Named after illustrious politician and literary critic Titu Maiorescu (1840-1917), who was instrumental for the development of Romanian culture in the second half of the 19th century, „Titu Maiorescu” University (UTM) is acknowledged today as an elite academic institution in Romania’s higher education sector.

Following an institutional evaluation, The Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education granted UTM, in 2012, the High Level of Trust qualification, the topmost award for Romanian universities. As a confirmation, in 2013, the evaluation commission of the European Universities Association that conducted an institutional evaluation of UTM, appreciated and encouraged the culture for quality in education of the university.

President of UTM – Iosif URS, PhD

Reputable Law Professor, Iosif R. Urs, President of UTM for the past 4 years took over the legacy in 2006 as a Rector until 2014 and, since then, UTM has had an extraordinary development featuring today 19 bachelor’s degrees, over 20 master’s degree programs and 3 doctoral schools, in Law, Medicine and Dental Medicine. In his message to local and international students and academic community Prof. Urs reveals his vision for UTM: „Built based on the Bologna model of a classic university, by cultivating quality and performance in education and by adopting a stringent approach and academic rigor, our University is today an institution of European scale and vocation, recognized as such in the Romanian and European higher education space. Our University provides modern, quality, efficient, competitive and pragmatic education services, closely linked with the business environment and the labor market, aiming for excellence in scientific research, a crucial process in the global competition context. An essential priority of our management vision is the transformation of our University into an institution focused on creativity and innovation in the Europe of Knowledge”.


Rector of UTM – Smaranda ANGHENI, PhD

Internationalization, relation with business environment and social engagement are top priorities of UTM. Professor Smaranda Angheni, Rector of UTM, explains: „International relations were developed in an impressive manner. We have partnership agreements with many foreign universities from Europe and other non-EU countries We are proud to say that we have two study programs in English in the Medicine and Dental Medicine faculties, where most students are from abroad. We have partnership agreements with many foreign universities from Europe and other non-EU countries. The Erasmus+ mobilities financed by the EU open doors for our students and staff to explore and learn from other educational systems. We have visiting professors and guest speakers from top universities in the world rankings. Internationalization is also a fertile environment for research. This year we are organizing the 12th edition of the annual international conference “Education and Creativity for a Knowledge Based Society” that brings together respected authors in various fields of research. Our Medical Research Institute Acad. Nicolae Cajal is running international scientific research projects, especially in diabetes with autologous cells with groundbreaking results and in pancreas and stomach cancer”.

In order to welcome cooperation with business environment UTM has founded the Institute for Research, Development and Innovation. „Our entrepreneurial philosophy is best portrayed in this institute: we have cooperation agreements with multinational companies who bring the practical component to the theoretical education, they are involved in adapting the curriculum, facilitating access to technology” added Prof. Angheni.

Following education and research, the third mission of UTM is social engagement. President Urs presents UTM’s contribution: „We obtained more than EUR10 million from EU Structural Funds for more than 25 projects covering research and development in the areas of health, law, informatics, entrepreneurship and career counselling”.


One of the core strengths of UTM is the quality of academic staff who, since the very beginnings of private tertiary education in Romania, decided to leave their safe positions with the subsidized state universities and join UTM. Having almost 40 years of academic career in Law, Professor Smaranda Angheni, started teaching law courses at UTM since its very foundation in 1990 and is Rector since 2012. She explains her decision: „All founding members of UTM were reputable and prestigious academic personalities which attracted other professionals from the public sector to such pioneering initiative. I came to the private system to build something and indeed we founded and built something new here, all thanks to our work and efforts with no Governmental support. Now we are proud of a new generation of academic staff who was born and raised here in UTM, young people who will take over and advance the legacy of the founders of UTM. I found here a greater number of motivated students compared to the public system. They are very eager to learn and feel a closer connection with the teaching staff who are giving a particular attention to their interests, perspectives for working both in the public and private sector. We work very well with NBCC – The National Board for Certified Counselors in USA, and with their help we brought solid and good career counselling programs to our students”.

Vice Rector of UTM – Ioana PANC, PhD

Feeling of belonging is the feature students hold dearest to their hearts according to UTM surveys. Published author of career counseling articles with expertise in applied psychology, Vice-Rector Ioana Panc is keeping very close to the students, especially foreign ones: „We put students first therefore we have smaller study groups, a supportive academic and administrative staff, who understand the challenges an international student may have. We are competitive in all our specialties, especially in medicine and dental medicine as we provide clinical practice in both private and public hospitals, working under supervision with real patients. We have modern equipment and laboratories and high employment rate of our graduates on both the Romanian and the entire European labor market. Some UTM graduates got accepted to Paris Bar and Rome Bar Associations, and several others in US Bars. We also encourage high sports performance, we have students who won medals in European and international competitions. We take care of students’ health through our medical partners, we care for students to feel safe and comfortable, we have a modern campus, 3* dorms, cafeteria, restaurants”.


Joining the voices of elite representatives of Romanian academic community, Vice-Rector Ioana Panc invites foreign students to choose Romania to study: „Romania is a very beautiful country, with many amazing places to explore, with sandy beaches and medieval castles in the mountains, picturesque landscapes, pristine and untouched nature. Moreover, we managed to preserve a student life culture not only in campuses but also in public places, foreign students are pleasantly surprised by the student atmosphere. Being part of the EU, the studies you graduate here will be recognized throughout the European Community. On the other hand, we have very reasonable tuition fees and living costs. And not the least, we have a very safe and multicultural environment, we are open to racial and ethnic diversity. We are welcoming people from all over the world”.


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