Romania’s Role in the Global R&D Scene


Dr. Ing. Tudor Prisecaru, prorector of Politehnica University of Bucharest, former president of ANCSI

Dr. Ing. Tudor Prisecaru, a professor and researcher at the Polytechnica University of Bucharest, and former President of ANCSI discusses his priorities.

What were your main goals as ANCSI President?

Tudor Prisecaru: To handle strategic and tactical planning of Romania’s research activities, ensure that government policies support the country’s research objectives and contribute to the effort to harmonize Romania’s legislation with that of the EU and the EU “acquis”. Crucial part is the one of communication, handling communication with other public and private organisations concerning R&D, supporting national and regional economic development, fostering international R&D partnerships and promoting R&D and innovation in Romania.

What are some of the most important projects in Romanian R&D currently?

Tudor Prisecaru: One of our main research activities concerns the EU’s Extreme Light Infrastructure project, a complex project in which Romania is one of the key players. A second priority since I have been at ANCSI has been to effectively absorb EU funds, and we have managed to achieve a 120% absorption rate, the highest in the country to date. Many companies in Romania have received R&D funding because of this. We are also committed to transparency in the use of EU funds and we are encouraging all participants to improve their transparency. Our third priority is the Danube International Centre for Advanced Studies for River-Delta-Sea Systems (DANUBIUS) Research Infrastructure project, a flagship EU initiative.

Why should EU investors target R&D in Romania?

Tudor Prisecaru: Investing in R&D in Romania has enormous potential because this country not only has a long history in prestigious R&D but is also launching many very innovative research projects, including our new “laser valley” initiative, a city of lights. Our ministry will soon present this cutting-edge project to the European Commission. Romania has very high quality equipment and laboratories for R&D. Thanks to Romania’s R&D achievements, we are beginning to attract talented young researchers from other countries, which is a good sign that our R&D activities have a bright future.


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