Romania – Leader In Research Projects With Global Relevance


Mihai Dima, President of ANCSI

Mihai Dima, former President of ANCSI and a professor of physics at the University of Bucharest, discusses his current objectives.

What are some of the most importanta milestones of your research career?

Mihai Dima: I am a physicist with a background in cybernetics as well. My own research focuses on climate change. In this field I have long lasting and fruitful collaboration with Professor Gerrit Lohmann at the Alfred-Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven, Germany. At the beginning of 2016 I was asked by the Minister of Education and Scientific Research, Professor Adrian Curaj, to head Romania’s research activities as ANCSI’s president. Here in Romania, many global best practices have been implemented in R&D, and that was my main goal as ANCSI president. To get Romanian research to the next level.

What are some of Romania’s current major research initiatives?

Mihai Dima: Romania is a key player in the EU’s Extreme Light Infrastructure project and in the Danube International Centre for Advanced Studies for River-Delta-Sea Systems (DANUBIUS) Research Infrastructure project, a flagship EU research effort. ANCSI is also participating in the EU Infect-ERA initiative, which aims to promote international research on human infectious diseases.

Why should international researchers choose to work in Romania or partner with Romanian R&D institutions?

Mihai Dima: Romania’s research centres are equipped with the latest equipment and technologies, and we have many amazing new research projects planned. Our cutting-edge new Laser Valley initiative, for example, shows that Romania is a leader in research which has global relevance. Romania needs good scientists and our research organizations are more and more motivated to find the best people, both Romanian and foreign. We welcome international partnerships. Stimulating scientific environment will encourage research and support innovative projects. A motivating environment can be more important for researchers than financial factors.


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