The story of Timisoara’s public transport system begins in 1869 with the horse-drawn tram, making it the first Romanian city to use such an advanced means of transportation. Paris, Geneva, Copenhagen, Berlin, Wien, Hamburg or Brussels, along with Timisoara, are only a few of the cities that can be proud to have achieved such an accomplishment in the nineteenth century. During the next decades, the local transport progressed towards the electric tram, buses, and trolleybuses.

Timisoara is renowned for its many premieres in the urban public transport field. Following the horse-drawn tram, the city registered another first – the trolleybus. This first happened in 1942, during the term of Corneliu Miklosi as director of the company, one of the most significant figures involved in the development of urban public transport. During his leadership, assuming a pioneering role, the whole transport system of the city was reorganized. The depots were supplied with self-made trams, buses, and trolleybuses.



Eng. Nicolae Bitea, General Manager of TPTC

“Today, Timisoara is the only city in Romania that can take pride in its 8 public transport systems.  The citizens can choose from the latest alternatives to the classic public transport, like water-borne public transport, bike-sharing system or electric portable scooter system. All over the city, you can find scooter charging ports and bike stations that allow you to free rent the scooters or bikes, from March until November. On the 15th of August 2019, our company established the latest system in our public transport network dedicated to people with disabilities. All of these improvements were made possible with the support of the City Hall of Timisoara and its mayor, PhD Proffessor Nicolae Robu, a key factor in the evolution towards modern public transport”, says Eng. Nicolae Bitea, General Manager of Timisoara Public Transport Company (TPTC).

With such accomplishments, there is do not doubt that Timisoara is marching towards the gallery of European cities that focus on the idea of a smart city.

Today, TPTC is equipped with an impressive number of means of transportation. Tram’s depot is house to 30 refurbished trams called ARMONIA and 26 old Bremen and Munchen trams, received as a donation at the beginning of 2000 from Germany.

Since 2010, the citizen of Timisoara and its visitors can use the 30 Mercedes-Benz Conecto G articulated buses and 55 Mercedes-Benz Conecto C single-deck buses for the 18 routes in the urban area and the surrounding suburban communities. In 2017, The City Hall of Timisoara purchased 20 minibuses awarded to some of the city’s shorter lines and the newly established school transport system.

In 2008, the trolleybus fleet was replenished by the arrival of 50 Skoda Irisbus trolleybuses, divided between the 8 major lines that connect not only the major areas in the city but also the suburban communities to the city centre.

After 50 years of absence, the public transport on the Bega canal was revived. Since the 4th of October 2018, 7 Vaporettos are available for those who want to use a different and more smooth path to commute, or just enjoy a short and relaxed ride on the water during the weekends.

Integrating the advanced alternatives along with the classic ones was the main focus of the municipality since 2015 when the bike-sharing system was first established. Increased demand for this system challenged the company to supply another 300 bikes and 25 stations. Due to the high popularity of electric scooters – used primarily by students, starting from November 2019, TPTC owns 75 new electric scooters and 10 charging ports located all over Timisoara.


Challenging times call for new approaches. Since the beginning of 2010, the idea of an urban mobility plan has grown exponentially. Today, new steps are made towards offering every citizen better access to education, culture, labour market and leisure, using faster, safer and environment-friendly transport options. The financing source for such an approach are coming from the EU funds and the Ministry of Public Administration and Regional Development (MPARD). The latest developments are encouraging. On the 1st of October 2019, Timisoara City and The Regional Development Agency WEST signed two contracts to fund two key-projects. The first project is the rehabilitation of the tram lines and the upgrading of the street formation in Calea Bogdanestilor and the second one is the acquisition of 16 low floor trams from the Turkish manufacturer Bonzakaya.

The renewal of Timisoara’s public transport fleet never looked so attainable. 44 electric buses, 15 stations for fast charging and 44 stations for slow overnight charging will soon be purchased for Timisoara through MPARD.

Establishing a sustainable urban public transport, based on the accessibility, safety, environment and economic efficiency depends on the cooperation and active involvement of all the local authorities, the private sector and the citizens, with the mandatory respect of all legal and democratic principles.

These past 150 years of history in public transport, years full of success and challenges, only create high standards for those involved in public transport nowadays.


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