The National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics (NIRDTP) from Iași is one of the few producers in the world of advanced materials with novel structures and properties of the kind used for sensors for automotive, medical and nuclear applications. The Institute uses new preparation methods and non-destructive evaluation techniques to create tailored products and provide custom solutions for their clients’ needs.

The state-of-the-art research infrastructure of NIRDTP Iași allows them to develop special materials and devices that have applications in areas such as engineering, medicine and biotechnology. These applications are further advanced and refined inside the national research programs, and also internationally, in collaborations with universities, other research institutions, as well as industry. Moreover, in some departments, such as nanotechnology research and nanomaterials development, the infrastructure is divided in two areas: facilities for materials preparation and facilities for micro- and nanomaterials characterization. This helps improving the quality of both research and development by focusing on one process at a time.


Dr. Nicoleta Lupu, General Manager

NIRDTP is involved in many fruitful partnerships and collaborates with companies from many countries, providing hi-tech solutions, such as conventional magnetic wires and glass-coated magnetic wires, thin films and other similar structures, particles for medical and engineering applications. Some of the most recent medical applications developed by NIRDTP’s researchers are magnetic hyperthermia for cancer therapy and the evaluation of the biomagnetic fields generated by different organs in the body, such as heart or brain, suitable for various diagnostic applications. The General Director of NIRDTP, Dr. Nicoleta Lupu, explains: “Innovation is very important for us. We do high-quality applied research. Also, we hired two medical doctors, one specialized in stem cells, to help us produce biocompatible materials that are used in combination with the cells for innovative medical applications”.



As members of the network of Romanian National R&D Institutes, coordinated by the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation, NIRDTP is continuously striving for a better and meaningful communication and for promoting their research and development work in Romania and abroad. Dr. Lupu states: “The national and global industries could profit from what we are doing and we are open to discuss and collaborate for the purpose of identifying and solving some of the issues the industry is dealing with. What we are offering is not just selling our products, we are offering consultancy along with the solutions. We design products focused on customer needs”.

Glass Covered Wires

This is the reason why Dr. Lupu encourages the local and international companies to start a dialogue: “We are one of the main research players in materials science. I invite industrial partners who are looking for new, advanced materials to visit us, see what we do, discuss their needs so we can adapt our products and our technologies to their requirements. I think we should have people coming here, seeing what we are doing, discussing, thinking about trusting partners in Romania. This way everyone will benefit.”



National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics
47 Mangeron Boulevard, 700050 Iasi, Romania
Tel.: +40 232 430680 / Mobile: +40 744 902745



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