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Quality, efficiency and innovation through specialized educational programs are some of the core values of Ronexprim. The technological complexity of the products and the high quality of the services offered for the Romanian market are based on a long term experience of a professional team and a very strong relationship with its world-class business partners. That leads to an excellent customer experience consolidating brands loyalty, pioneering this innovative field of technology since 1991.

Mircea Stoian, Founder of Ronexprim

Ronexprim is offering an extensive portfolio of products which are integrating world’s latest technologies, for example: electronic microscopes, spectrometers and diffractometers, specific equipment for physio-chemical analysis of various materials including sample preparation systems and certified reference materials, and is also offering calibrators, monitoring and automation processes systems and equipment, consultancy and assistance for various projects related to weighing and dosing, and many more.

A wide range of professional services were developed and carefully adapted for the Romanian market. Starting from the specialized consultancy and technical assistance for equipments, configuration, integration and installation, covering warranty and post-warranty maintenance to customer employee’s professional trainings, providing the latest software and hardware upgrades, the company is well recognized as one of the most efficient companies in their segment of activity on the Eastern European market.

Business milestone, the foundation of a healthy “family of professionals”

Ronexprim, which celebrates this year 25 years of uninterrupted activity, was founded in October 1991 by Mircea Stoian. The company started its milestone as the Agency and Service for Philips Industrial Departments in Romania.

“Mircea Stoian had a great personality and his leadership character remains unforgettable to the company’s partners and employees, as he manifested a strong ethical culture, respect- fullness for others, fairness, and an innovative way of thinking. For many of those who knew him, he will always be a model, an example of modesty, a reference in terms of how to listen, understand and help. All of his efforts, as a great leader, are confirmed today by the exceptional results of Ronexprim which he had managed for almost 22 years, growing a great family of professionals.”, Rodica Stoian, the General Manager points out. He is also well-known as the founder of the first private television in Romania — SOTl TV, launched after the revolution in 1989.

Outstanding results confirm exceptional team-work efforts

Nowadays, the company represents most of the market – leading international manufacturers, with particularly high standards, including FEI, Malvern Instruments, Edinburgh Instruments, Fluke, Keysight Technology, Cardinal and many more. Ronexprim has earned an exceptional reputation for its expertise in the latest generation of equipments and has a strong, extremely well trained team.
The company received an impressive number of national and international awards that confirm the professionalism of Ronexprim’s team.

Implementing and sustaining qualitative projects in Romania

Ronexprim will always go the extra mile to make sure its clients are satisfied and updated with the latest technology news or international standards changes. Additionally, since 1992, Ronexprim is continuously sustaining the Romanian research community through investing in educational programs of new investigation techniques and standards application. Ronexprim also organizes seminars and participates to the most important national and international trade-fairs and conferences.

The company have an impressive expertise and also an important contribution in implementing some major projects financed through various programs approved by European Union.
Ronexprim’s long term vision is to develop its current strategy to accommodating it to the demands of the Romanian research community well depicted by the National Research, Development and Innovation Strategy 2014 – 2020, as well by the European Union Framework Programme HORIZONT 2020.
In its 25 years of business activity, Ronexprim has installed equipment in more than 20,000 industrial, research and university laboratories. Rodica Stoian, points out, “Our goal is to provide measurement devices, measuring instruments and laboratory equipment which is effective and affordable without compromising quality.“
The company has implemented an integrated management system to guarantee the highest quality, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety in all its products and operations. In fact, it is one of the first companies in Romania to achieve ISO certification in all three areas.

Defining Ronexprim’s competitive advantages, Rodica Stoian cites the company’s cutting-edge offered equipment, its capacity to handle the largest and most complex projects, its highly trained personnel and its outstanding customer service. She says, “Quality, reliability and professionalism are three of our strengths. Ronexprim is not just a supplier. For 25 years, we are a partner for every customer, we are devoted to its demands, we are supporting him to stay one step ahead, to find new ways to boost some of the most challenging questions that can change the world or to increase the productivity.”


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