Independent and Competitive Testing and Validation for Aeronautical and Non-Aeronautical Structures


STRAERO – The Romanian Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Aeronautical Structures is an independent organization functioning under INCAS, the leading aerospace research institute in Romania. The institute’s history starts almost 70 years ago having its roots in the Applied Mechanics Institute, founded in 1950 under the Romanian Academy and later in The Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Aerospace Researches –IMFCA (1968). Later IMFCA became The Institute for Aerospace Scientific Researches and Technological Engineering – INCREST. In 1991, the institute was restructured together with all of the aeronautical industry into research and development entities: INCAS, STRAERO, ORCAS, IMFDZ, INAV, ELAROM, SIMULTEC and CPCA.


Since 2014, STRAERO is overseen by INCAS and benefits from their quality management system which means ISO 9100, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards. STRAERO is focusing on research and development in civil and military area, covering a various spectrum of activities to meet requirements of beneficiaries. Sorin Oprisan, General Manager of Straero, describes the main services of the institute: „Our activities in the field of aerospace and automotive engineering include full scale tests, structural and component testing (static and fatigue), coupon testing, shock and vibration testing, static and dynamic finite element analysis. Regarding the testing of military aircraft we have performed testing on IAR-330 PUMA helicopters, with two new options PUMA NAVAL and PUMA SOCAT. Our experience obtained in this area is closely related to aircraft programmes (IAR 93 – ground attack aircraft, IAR 99 – training aircraft level II, light airplanes such IAR 123, IAR 127 and other aerial  vehicles) and it includes theoretical and numerical analysis, respectively testing of aeronautical structures”.

STRAERO also offers R&D services and consulting for aero elastic analysis, dynamic response and modal analysis, structural stress analysis, ground and flight vibration tests, composite material products, CAD/CAM/CAE solutions.

Sorin Oprisan, Director General

According to the management, STRAERO’s mission is to provide qualified services in aeronautical field and to transfer knowledge, technology and experience to non-aerospace applications. Mr. Oprisan adds: „We develop applications focused on: analysis and experimental testing of structures and materials, analysis of flight control systems, design and manufacture of testing installations, pilot capabilities assessment and IT solutions. Besides the aeronautical activity we are performing impact testing for motor vehicles being certified by Romanian Automotive Register. We can also perform train and tram bogie testing”.




The STRAERO quality management system is certified according to both civil (recognized by international authorities) and military national authorities:  OMCAS – Military Authority of Control, Certification and Supervising and MOODY International (COFRAC) – ISO 9001. The institute is under reaccredidation process with AACR – Romanian Civil Airworthiness Authority, RENAR – Romanian Laboratory Network and RAR – Romanian Automotive Authority.



Defining STRAERO’s competitive edge, General Manager, Sorin Oprisan, says, „Our prices are very competitive compared to similar providers in Western Europe. One hour of testing in our laboratories may cost 50-60% less. Moreover we ensure the required independence and reliability of testing, because not only are the testing and validation performed by an independent organization but it’s also performed in a foreign country, which ensures complete independence from any influence by the manufacturer or their national government. We have more than half a century of experience in our field and we can handle a full range of complex testing procedures particularly in aeronautics, motor vehicles, railways and nuclear energy”.


Since Romania became full member of the European Space Agency (ESA) any organization involved in space activities in Romania has access to ESA technology transfer and the European high-tech space market. Romanian researchers have contributed to more than 30 space missions worldwide. In 2012, Romania launched it’s first nano-satellite, Goliat, developed by a research consortium led by the Romanian Space Agency – ROSA. Sorin Oprisan is proud to promote STRAERO’s participation in ROSA and ESA programs: „In 2017 we became one of the first organizations in Central and Eastern Europe certified for design by EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency, Part 21 . We are working on a project to modify the BN2 Islander aircraft for ESA for monitoring the antmospherical conditions. Also, we are currently testing several sattelite system components as part of ESA projects which are coordinated by ROSA in Romania”.

STRAERO’s expertise, developed primarily for aeronautical purposes, is often transfered to general industrial applications. Sorin Oprisan adds, „I invite Romanian and foreign partners, Government agencies, private enterprises, to come to Romania, to benefit from STRAERO’s experience, facilities, infrastructure. We are looking forward to your visit and cooperation”.


STRAERO – Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Aeronautical Structures
Address: 220, Iuliu Maniu Blvd, 061126 Bucharest, Romania
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