EU level research infrastructure Tackling Challenges in Industrial Ecology


National R&D Institute INCD ECOIND was founded over 35 years ago and operating under the Ministry of National Education and Research and being directly coordinated by Romanian National Authority for Research and Development (ANCSI) and it’s Romania’s only research institute which takes a multidisciplinary, global approach to industrial-ecology issues. It was established to monitor pollution by the chemical industry in Romania, but it has steadily expanded its reach to include all types of complex environmental challenges. The institute has completed projects in Romania, the EU and worldwide and it often partners with foreign companies.

General Manager Luoana Florentina Pascu

says that INCD ECOIND’s areas of expertise include advanced and applied research on monitoring, assessment, prevention and abatement of industrial pollution; physical-chemical analyses of water (drinking water, ground water, surface water, wastewater), air, soil, industrial wastes; pollution assessments (impact, environmental balances/audits, ecological risk studies); development and implementation of environmental technologies concerning drinking water as well as industrial and municipal wastewater; environmental-quality and occupational-health-and-safety management; consultancy, training and competence evaluation; and technical assistance. She points out, “INCD ECOIND is a highly respected leader in Romania in the field of industrial ecology, and we are working to extend our international reach.”

INCD ECOIND plays a key role in Romania’s water sector having subsidiaries in Timisoara and Ramnicu Valcea to be closer to its local partners in those areas. In addition to its projects in Romania, INCD ECOIND has been involved in many EU-funded projects outside the country.

Luoana Florentina Pascu welcomes the opportunity to work with international partners on projects from Romania and abroad. She says, “INCD ECOIND is well known for its high-quality work and for its ability to solve a wide range of environmental problems, including in the water sector. We have a lot to offer, and we are unique here in Romania. We are also very flexible and ready to customize our support and build technologies to fit our clients’ needs. We have EU level research infrastructure employed to perform all types of tests and services connected to industrial-ecological field.


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