Continuous Improvement and Product Innovation as Company Policy


Yazaki Europe Ltd. (YEL) is a key part of the Yazaki Group, focusing on the automotive business. Following the worldwide integrated business system of Yazaki, YEL thinks global and acts local to the demands and requirements of the customers, by providing the best quality and service.

Their European operations started in 1980 with a sales office in UK, followed by the first R&D center in Cologne, Germany in 1989. In Europe YEL currently has 18 standardized manufacturing plants, 5 R&D centers and customer tailored service centers.

Customer focus is the foundation for Yazaki’s commitment to producing high quality products and providing excellent service. The quality system is designed to meet their customers’ demands and those of the quality management system standards.

Yazaki Europe today has 35 000 employees working in 22 production centers in Europe, and the Romania branch employees one third of that number.

Headquartered in Romania’s county Prahova, company has an important role in the economic and social life of the county.  Mehmet Sonmez, General Manager explains why Yazaki is so strong in Romania: “People are our most important asset. Many foreign companies come to Romania because of highly trained human resources, and it is important to do timely HR planning in order to assure that Romania keeps this strenght.”

R&D at Yazaki

Technological developments provide the basis for a successful future. With global information exchange Yazaki can use the combined resources of development teams located around the world. Using this approach, the best ideas and best practices from each region can be applied to other regions. This process has made Yazaki a leading technology supplier on the world market.

The customer-centric attitude supports the organization’s corporate goal. Research, development and customer service centers are located in close proximity to the customers, allowing the company to respond quickly and flexibly to all the requirements as global local partner.


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