Canadian NRC AEROSPACE Supports Global Aeronautics and Space Sectors


Canada’s vibrant, innovative and complex aerospace industry, with a rich history and elite reputation on a global stage, supports this important industry NRC Aerospace (National Research Council) with facilities, expertise and industry foresight that result in a constant stream of fresh ideas, new technologies, and the development and demonstration of products and processes that target the market challenges faced by the Canadian and global aeronautics and space sectors.


NRC Aerospace conducts research and technology development (R&TD) across the full spectrum of issues related to the design, manufacture, qualification, performance, use and maintenance of air and space vehicles. This work covers all of the major concerns in aerospace—cost, weight, safety, and most recently, environmental footprint.

Since 2012 the General Manager of NRC Aerospace is an alumnus of Warsaw Technical University, internationally renowned researcher Jerzy Komorowski. During his career, he has published more than 100 reports, journal and conference papers. His early research was focused on experimental strain analysis, as well as environmental effects in composite and metallic materials. In the 1990s, he was active in the field of non-destructive inspection, developing new optical inspection methods and pioneering models of the impact of corrosion on the integrity of aircraft structures.

As General Manager of NRC’s Aerospace portfolio, Mr. Komorowski serves on the boards of directors of the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec; Aéro Montréal — an industry cluster organization; EnviroTREC — the Canadian Environmental Test Research and Education Centre; and the Green Aviation Research & Development Network.

In the effort to support global cooperation within space and aeronautical sectors Jerzy Komorowski participated in the CANNAPE Project (Canadian Networking Aeronautics Project for Europe) bringing his contribution in a series of called: Mapping of capabilities and expertise within the aerospace industry in Canada and Europe.


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