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Romaero has been providing exceptional aerospace products and services for over 90 years. The biggest enterprise in Romaniaʼs thriving aerospace industry, Romaero integrates two major activities: aerospace manufacturing, and maintenance and repairs of civil and military aircraft. Headquartered near Romaniaʼs Baneasa Airport platform, state-owned Romaero serves customers worldwide. Deputy Managing Director Vasile Boicu discusses Romaeroʼs expertise.

Can you describe Romaero’s activities?

Vasile Boicu: Romaero has invested in the latest equipment and technologies to offer a full range of products and services in the aerospace industry. These include sheet-metal manufacturing, stretch-forming aircraft skins and extrusions, chemical milling, heat treatments, NC machining (fi ve-axis) and turning, dry and wet lay-up procedures for composites, complete aircraft manufacturing, major and minor subassemblies, welding (fusion, spot, brazing), tooling for detailed parts and assembles, tool design, laboratory services, computer-aided design, manufacturing inspections, and diverse advanced production-engineering capabilities. Whatever our customers need, Romaero has developed the skills, equipment and technologies to do the job well.

Who are some of your main customers?

Vasile Boicu: Romaero’s clients are a who’s who of the international aviation sector. As an airframe-manufacturing Part-21-approved organisation, Romaero has been chosen as the subcontractor of many global leaders in the aviation industry, including Boeing, Airbus, SABCA, Saab, Bombadier, MT Aerospace, ST Aerospace, Novae Aerospace Industry, BAE Systems, Sprit Aerosystems, Alestis Aerospace, Hellenic Aerospace Industry, UAC Europe, Elbit Systems, Gulfstream, and Aero Vodochody, We regularly serve customers in Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, India, Israel, the US and Canada.

What are some of your specific products for Airbus and other aviation giants?

Vasile Boicu: Our products for Airbus include skins, doublers and parts for the A330, A350 and A380 aircraft (for SABCA); A320 forward-fuselage skins for Novae Aerospace; A330 bulkhead and brackets for ST Aerospace; A319, A320 and A321 skins for Hellenic Aerospace; and A380 rear fairing skin for Alestis. We also provide machined parts for Boeing 737, B747, B767 and B777 aircraft; B767 and B777 fi xed leading edges, polished skins and detailed parts for Spirit Aerosystems; and B737 door frames for Elbit Systems Cyclone. For Bombadier, we manufacture the B415 cockpit, fl oats, pylons and doors. We also provide Dassault Falcon 5X D-nose skins, rear fuselage skins and stringers for Aerolean; Embraer KC 390 fi xed leading edges and stringers for Aero Vodochody; G20 aft fuselage parts, assembly, sub-assembly and spare parts for Gulfstream; and BN 2 Islander manufacturing and component manufacturing.

What kind of certification has Romaero received?

Vasile Boicu: In addition to being named a certifi ed partner for Airbus, Boeing and other aviation multinationals, Romaero is certifi ed by the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority for production, maintenance and repairs and has also received NADCAP and TUV Nord certifi cation. Our customers know they can count on Romaero for the highest quality products and services.


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